?? Cyber Membership

New for 2008

Cyber membership has now been reduced. For 4 you will receive the latest 4 issues of CQ-TV in full colour. A download link will be sent to your email address, when each magazine is available. Sample back issues can be downloaded free from the archives page.

Please note that Adobe reader version 7 or greater is required to view these files.

Cyber FAQ

Can I renew my subscription as a cyber member

Yes you will still be a full CQ-TV member, but you will not receive a magazine in the post, instead you will be able to download an electronic copy.

Can I continue receiving a magazine in the post

Yes, but you will have to renew at the full 15.

Can I receive a cyber magazine overseas.

Yes this why the Cyber was originated, but now its also available in the UK.

Am I still a full BATC member, can I attend the BGM and vote

Yes you are still full member and would be able to vote at the BGM

Click here to visit our online shop to sign up for cyber membership.