8 Ways To Upgrade Your Car

If you want your car to run better but don't have a lot of money, you can upgrade it. Upgrading a car can be a cheap way to get the speed, acceleration, and efficiency you're looking for. There are many different ways to upgrade a car, but we've listed 8 of the most popular ones below. If you want to modify your car, check out the pros and cons of modifications at modified1.com.

Choose Better Tyres

One of the most important things you can do to make your car better is to get new tires. When you have good grip from the tires, the power of your car will be much better. If it does not rain or snow, then get all-weather tires. However, if it rains and snows a lot, then get summer and winter tires.

Upgrade Your Brakes

Brake pads are important. If you buy good pads, then you can go faster before you need to push on the brake. This is important when going around corners because it means that cars can go faster for a longer time.

If your brakes are not working well, then maybe it is time to replace them with better ones or put new ones on the car and make sure they work well.

Install A Cold Air Intake

Installing a cold-air intake can help your car run better. This is because it frees up the airflow to your engine and also feeds it cooler air. When you replace your original intake pipe with one that was designed to increase power, you will also increase horsepower and fuel efficiency.

Swap Out Rubber Hoses For Silicone Hoses

Another way to make your car work better is to replace rubber hoses with silicone ones. Rubber hoses don't work as well when it gets hot, but silicone does. The reason it is important to do this is if you are upgrading your engine and not the hoses, then all of the heat will go into the rubber hose and could break it.

When you use a rubber hose, it can be prone to cracking or drying out and getting stiff. Silicone is more stable and will not crack or dry out. Also, if water leaks from your hose, that can be hard to find the leak. With silicone hoses, this won't happen.

Exhaust System Modification

People often think of exhaust upgrades as just making noise. But besides making your engine sound better when you accelerate, you can also see an improvement in power.

Installing a new stainless steel exhaust on an older car will make a big difference, because the old exhaust pipes can get clogged up over time and this decreases performance.

If you install a performance exhaust, your car can go faster. This is because the performance exhaust will let more air out and more power in.

Upgrade Your Spark Plugs

Most cars have standard spark plugs. They sometimes don't work well, which makes the car run slower or less reliable. Upgrading your spark plugs can make the car run better.

High performance spark plugs work a lot better and cause misfires less often. This makes the car run more smoothly and it also uses less gas.

Add A Turbo Charger

A turbo charger makes a car go faster. It does this by making the car burn more fuel each second. This is why a turbocharged car can produce more power than one without a turbo charger.

Turbos are more efficient than superchargers, which means they can provide a significant increase in horsepower while also improving fuel economy by up to 20-40%.

Add An Exhaust Wrap

It keeps the heat in the car's header instead of letting it dissipate like it would around an engine. This makes the engine more efficient and gives you more horsepower, which is good because you can go faster.