10 reasons why you can't stop topping the golf ball

One of the most common mistakes people make when playing golf is hitting the ball too thin or too low. This can be really frustrating because it makes it hard to get the ball into the air. To avoid this, you need to hit down into the dirt a bit when you hit the ball.

Bad Posture

Good posture is important for solid contact. If you lean forward from your hips and let your hands hang below your shoulders, you will have balance. You might even get the club down into the ground.

It can be hard to get the ball in the air when you kneel down or squat too much because it becomes so difficult to get the club on the ground and then up again.

Trying to lift the ball

For golfers who don't know how to get the ball in the air, it can be hard to do. A strong instinct is to try and lift the ball. When your ball is at a neutral position on the ground, your club needs to hit the ground hard in order to make contact with the true loft of your club.

This is one of the many confusing motions in golf that takes time to learn. Once you are in good posture, one of my favorite drills is to feel like you are throwing your club down into the dirt.

Standing too far away from the ball

If you are too far away from the ball when you address it, it will be hard not to top the ball. This is because you will not be able to reach the ball if you try to hit it. When your arms are in a diagonal position, it makes it easy for the ball to go over the top of the club.

Arms not extending down

In golf, there is a thing called the backswing. It is when you move your arm. The trail arm needs to straighten so that it can get the club down to the ground in your downswing. You can practice this by holding a ball in your hand, and then throw it towards the ground.

Loss of balance

If you lose your balance while you are golfing, it can ruin your swing. Assuming you are in a good position to start, it only takes a small loss of balance to make you top the ball. To make sure you don't lose your balance, hold your finish until the golf ball lands.

Keeping head down too long

When you are a beginner golfer, it is easy to hit the ball too high or too low. People sometimes give bad advice, like telling you to keep your head down. If you try to keep your head down, you will not be able to move your body correctly and this will make it difficult to hit the ball well.

Tension in hands and arms

When you are playing golf, you have to be very still and have your arms hang. If you squeeze or tighten up too much, then it will make your arms go shorter. You do not want this, so try to stay relaxed and don't squeeze the club too hard in your hands.

It is also important that you hold the club using just your fingers, not with a lot of pressure on the palm of your hand. This way it won't be as hard for the ball to go far away from where you hit it.

Lack of width in your backswing

You can make a good backswing without losing width. Keep your hands away from your chest and you will be able to keep your swing wide. One way to practice this is to hold your lead wrist with your other hand.

Then, make your backswing without a club and feel how your other arm pulls your lead arm wide. Make sure that while you practice, you keep your lead underarm close to your body so you have a good path and width.

Staying “flat footed” on your downswing

Remember that the club should go down to the ground as part of your whole swing. This means you should be athletic when you do it. Keeping your trail heel up will help you stay athletic. If you keep your trail foot down for too long, it will be harder to swing forward. Swinging forward can help you stay athletic.

Make up your mind and commit

Sometimes, in order to make a change, you have to do something that is uncomfortable. It's okay to make a mistake and then try to improve. Be willing to exaggerate your changes, because it can be different from the "real" thing. Make up your mind and do it. Don't be afraid to try something new and make a mess.

At the same time, knowing how to stop topping the golf ball is only half the battle. You also have to put it into practice on the course or in practice so you don't lose your newfound wealth of potential distance.